Gheorge Fikl (b.1968, Timișoara) is one of the most impressive contemporary Romanian artists of the last three decades, with a steady growth of his market quota and the interest in his work from Romanian and foreign art collectors alike.

He studied fine art at the universities in Cluj and Timișoara, with Professor Romul Nuțiu; his first works were in multi-media experiment and installation, through random juxtapositions of found objects, photo insertion, painting and collage. These Dadaist explorations gradually evolved into figurative Baroque painting, with strange-surrealist compositions which intrigue and perplex the viewer. Animals take centre-stage as bizarre characters - sheep flocked in sumptuous ballrooms, bulls standing tall under gleaming chandeliers, or peacocks wandering through peasant houses with broken ceilings revealing the wide open sky - all these have become his unmistakable visual brand. His favourite themes are solitude, memory, the conflict between the carnal and the spiritual, violence, and the tension of the intersection of historical and personal time.

Following a series of exhibitions and successful auction results, Fikl has works in private collections in Romania and abroad - including the Transylvanian art collection of HRH the former Prince of Wales, in Viscri and Archita, the Maria Nobrega Foundation, and the Bonte Foundation. He had exhibitions in Bucharest and Timisoara, London, Luxembourg, New York and Lisbon - where, in 2017, his solo show at the Ajuda National Museum joined an exhibitions calendar which included artists Joana Vasconcelos and Joan Miró.

He is interested in music and performance art, being himself a composer and performer, on piano and guitar, in jazz improvisation. He is a supporter of Save the Children Romania, regularly donating works for their charity fund-raising projects. He lives and works in Timișoara and Socolari - where he has built an art studio-gallery and an outdoor stage in an isolated natural landscape which inspires him and brings together, year after year, people from the most diverse backgrounds, animated by the profound meaning which art adds to life.

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