“Baroque resurrection” – Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest 2014



“Baroque Resurrection” – Anaid Art Galllery, Bucharest, 2014

Having an exhibition career for over a decade, the artist became renown within the artistic scene in Romania and aboard by participating at solo and group exhibitions in United States of America, Luxembourg, Germany, etc. His works are to be found in important private collection, such as Private Collection of Prince of Wales or Foundation “Maria Nobrega”.
The project “Baroque Resurrection” presents a new aspect of the creation of Gheorghe Fikl, after an absence of several years from the exhibition scene in Bucharest.
“Baroque Resurrection” depicts the dissolution state of human nature where past and present elements overlap, apparently with no reason. Churches’ baroque spaces, that have an intrinsic idea of accession and elevation are literally invaded by solid animals that refer themselves to the notion of sacred whether it is a about a cow, a rooster, a sheep or a flock of sheep. Fikl develops a painting of mystery and ambiguity where the overlapping of sacred and profane is to be found at the limit of transgression. Without being in any way too much, his images make reference to multiple interpretations though the abundance of associated symbols. Therefore, the sheep – the buck, as well as the goat often associated to the orphic lamb refer to the power of sacrifice and have eschatological meanings; the peacock, often used in ancient beliefs, refers to the idea of immortality; the rooster is the symbol of light and of overpowering the dark; the cow is a sacred animal. In this context, the depiction of an image of a landscape also acquires an archaic spiritualised dimension.
Within the painting of Fikl everything is elevated, exuberant, dramatic and at the same time nostalgic. A nostalgia after a fallen grandiose past of which nowadays there are still a few disparate elements whose meaning almost we cannot pharmacy-no-rx.net distinguish and comprehend anymore.